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HHD Questionaire

Dear Fellow Congregants –

I hope that you are enjoying your summer and starting to anticipate the High Holy Days that are less than a month away!   Your KI team has been preparing for services to bring the reflection, renewal, and connection that we all hope for from the Days of Awe.

You will have the option of attending services in-person, or by live-streaming from home. 

We developed our COVID safety measures in early summer. We will revisit them at our August 18th Board meeting, recognizing the impact of the Delta variant.  I truly appreciate the hard work of the committees and Board that are earnestly seeking best safe solutions!

It will be very helpful to know our congregants' leanings to attending in-person vs streaming – and what is most important in that decision.  Could you please complete the simple survey below, to help us with that?

The key elements of the current HHD safety measures are below.  We will update them after our August Board Meeting based on COVID statistics, trends, and learnings and your feedback.

  • We will follow CDC guidelines.
  • All attendees shall be masked except while speaking or singing from the Bimah
  • The Central Air System has been upgraded to CDC recommended MERV 13 Filters. 
  • Main Services will be no longer than 2 hours.
  • We will not include activities that lead to close contact (e.g., Hakafah).
  • There will be separate seating sections for vaccinated and unvaccinated participants, with social distancing for the unvaccinated. We will rely on participants for vaccination status.  Proof is not being collected.
  • Accommodations will be sought for congregants who request extra protection in advance (e.g., early entrance to seats, spaces between groups)

We will greatly appreciate your completing the survey by Monday August 16th!

Click here to complete the
“KI High Holy Day Services Questionnaire for Year 5782 (2021)”

Please feel free to call me or the Office if you have questions or input!

Thank you,



Sun, September 19 2021 13 Tishrei 5782