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Most Recent Entry: November 30th, 2022

What's Shabbat without Torah?

Rabbi Phil's Almost Weekly Email... What’s Shabbat without Torah? At KI we worship on Friday night only, which means, with the exception of special occasions, we don’t read Torah. I propose a partial solution to this. Beginning this Saturday morning at 10:00, I will offer a bi-weekly Torah class. Generally we’ll study the weekly portion, but occasionally I’ll go off the grid with something I find either personally interesting or otherwise instructional. We’ll study for 90 minutes. It will be a hybrid affair. Those who come in person will be rewarded with a bagel, a schmear, and coffee from Starbucks or suchlike (caffeine only-for decaf it’s the Keurig), and occasionally smoked fish.

We begin this Shabbat morning. Join us by Zoom using this link:

My weekly Seminarion will re-commence next Monday at 7:00 pm with a five-session course on Jewish bioethics. This timely course will cover some of the major issues we face in bioethics including: abortion, stem cell research, organ donation, and euthanasia. This course is Zoom only, and you can join it by clicking on this link:

I once had a boss who was the international director of Hillel, Richard Joel, who had a nifty saying. “We don’t necessarily expect learned Jews, but we would appreciate learning Jews.” So join the crowd and learn with your fellow congregants and me.

Shalom u’v’racha,


Rabbi Phil Cohen

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Sat, December 9 2023 26 Kislev 5784