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Zoom Guidance


We are excited to offer services online!

If you have never used Zoom before, you might find this tutorial useful: Link for Tutorial.


Please follow the instructions below and we will ‘see’ you online. If that does not work, please call one of the support folks below and we’ll help you.   There are two sets of instructions.  The first is for joining by computer or smart phone.  The second is for using a phone number, for audio only.

Meeting Link  Follow directions you’ll see as Zoom tries to open.  Here is some guidance (the screenshots below are for guidance of what to do online.  The links in the section below do not work from this document)

If this is your first time using Zoom, you will likely see a screen that looks like this:

If Zoom doesn’t “start in a few seconds”, click the blue link: “Download & run Zoom”.

You might see a message like the one below, asking whether you want to allow a download.  You will need to click “Allow” if you want to use Zoom.  We have all found this App to be safe. 

You might be asked for your password for your computer, phone, or iCloud account.  It depends how your device is set up. 

Once you have downloaded Zoom, or if you already have Zoom on your device, you will probably see the following screen.  Click “Allow

You will be taken to a “Video Preview” where you will see what your computer camera sees.  You can choose to join the meeting “With Video” (showing this view of you) or “Without Video” (just your name will appear).  Whichever you choose – you will be able to change it while in the meeting.

Mazel Tov – You are now in the Meeting!

General Audio and Cell Phone Access

To access using ONLY your cell phone:

You will be provided a "one tap mobile" number. Tap on that and it will take you to the meeting.

To use your phone audio if you don't have it available on your computer:

Dial: Provided number

Zoom will ask for your Meeting ID followed by “#”.   Enter meeting id followed by #. (No spaces are needed – they are just to make the number easier to read”

You will be asked for an option to enter your participant ID or enter “#”.  There is not a participant ID, so just enter “#” again – or do nothing and wait a few seconds.   You will be placed into the meeting.

Mazel Tov – You are now in the Meeting!


  • Melissa Hakim         610 730-3475 
  • Marty Katz               484 809-2432
  • Michele Salomon   347 276-5828
  • Harvey Hakim         610 417-1772


Notes: While you will be able to see and hear all that is going on, you will only be able to participate when the Service Coordinator “un mutes” you. Nothing for you to do but enjoy yourself!

The screen will look like this. At the bottom and upper right are tools to use to change your view of the screen, ‘chat,’ and turn your video on or off.

If you want to see who is participating, there is a button at the bottom of the screen that says “See Participants.” Click on it and everyone will come in.

Want the screen larger? There is a diagonal arrow in the upper right corner; click on that to enlarge the screen.

Next to that button is the View button. The view button is not visible in the example above but with more participants will be to the left of the arrow to enlarge the screen.  You want the speaker view – so you will see Rabbi Seth clearly as well as his beautiful slides.


While online gatherings miss some things we cherish about being together, they also add new aspects that many are coming to love.

We have practiced the online aspect of the service, but this will be our first “real” time.  We will learn and improve.  Thanks in advance for your patience.  We will provide a way to give feedback and input after the service.

Consider ways to evoke the warmth and community of Services.  E.g. – have your candles ready to light with us (safely); have wine for the 7 – to 7:30 session and/or for kiddish; Is there a door you’d like to open to let in the Sabbath Bride?; have some desserts ready for your own personal Oneg.

During the service – we will all be muted except for Rabbi Seth and the musicians.  You don’t need to take any action for this to occur.  During the 7 to 7:30 session – you can use your controls in Zoom to put yourself on or off Mute. (More on Mute Control in “Helpful Zoom Hints” below).

There will be a chat feature that will be used to enhance the service (e.g. to enter names for Mi shebeirach, or perhaps to show words for some prayers or songs.  Please do not use the chat for “normal conversations” as it will be distracting to others.

When we stand up at services, you might want to adjust the camera angle, to follow where your face will be.

We hope you enjoy this service, and Shabbat Shalom!

P.S. If something goes wrong, do not fear. We will be putting the service online and there is a whole week to talk to some of our experts who will help you – and us - get up and running.

"Even when physical gatherings are not possible,
the reasons we gather can still be fulfilled!"


Thu, October 1 2020 13 Tishrei 5781