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Adult Hebrew

Adult Hebrew and Bar-Bat Mitzvah Study
2019-20: It’s Never Too Late!

By Alan Salinger


Borrowing from a wonderful article written by our latest adult Hebrew class, it’s never too late to learn, refresh or improve your Hebrew skills.  KI is again offering its adult Hebrew and Bar- Bat Mitzvah class, taught by Alan Salinger, to begin in September.   If learning or improving Hebrew skills has been something that you’ve wanted, this is your opportunity!

The Basic Hebrew program will have two separate components (1) Basic Hebrew, beginning in September 2019 using the book Aleph Isn’t Tough, Hebrew for Adults Book 1 and (2) Bar-Bat Mitzvah Preparation beginning in January 2020, culminating with a Bar-Bat Mitzvah in Spring 2020.

Students can take one or both classes depending on their interests and abilities.  For students who have little or no Hebrew education and want to pursue the Bar – Bat Mitzvah path, both program components will be needed.  For students who have some facility in Hebrew and might need a little brushing up, the Bar-Bat Mitzvah component will be enough.  Another alternative is selecting the Basic Hebrew course without continuing on to the Bar-Bat Mitzvah preparation.   The cost of each of the components is $125.

This year, for students with some Hebrew skills who want to continue mastering the language, we will be offering an intermediate program using the text Aleph Isn’t Enough, Hebrew for Adults, Book 2.  

The class will cover a chapter a week, for a total 10 -12 weeks.   The cost will be $125.

For both classes, the days and times will be set once the students’ availabilities are known.

Anyone interested in the programs should contact the KI office at 610.435.9074. 

Mon, May 25 2020 2 Sivan 5780