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Book Suggestions

Pottsville: A Clash of Cultures in Heartland America* (Bloom) nonfiction

Join the Women of KI’s book discussion on April 26th . They will explore the roles of religion and law during turbulent times.* (Englander) Fiction

Pulitzer prize finalist Englander explores the power of ritual and symbols after the death of a parent

Such a Fun Age (Reid) Fiction

Recommended by Melissa Hakim, this debut novel tells the story of a young black woman who is wrongly accused of kidnapping while babysitting a child and the events that follow it.

War Dr.; Surgery on the Front Line (Nott)`autobiography

Nott was interviewed on NPR and discussed the mindset of operating on the front lines. Considered the most experienced trauma surgeon in the world, this reader wondered about the relationship between today’s healthcare workers and the war on CV19.

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