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School Curriculum

Grades K-6th

Our K-6th graders study the following subject areas:

  • Hebrew reading and vocabulary
  • Jewish Literacy
  • Life Cycle
  • Jewish history (fourth through sixth grade)
  • Jewish Values and mitsvot
  • Calendar/Holidays
  • T’filah (prayer) skills
  • TaNaKh (Bible)
  • Israel

Our curriculum is designed for each student to build a connection to each of these subject areas as they develop in their own understanding of the world and their community. The K-6 curriculum is supplemented by a Modern Hebrew curriculum called “Hebrew through Movement,” an opportunity for students to learn Modern Hebrew vocabulary through active participation.

This curriculum is based on the educational theory of TPR – Total Physical Response. Our hope is that as our students are exposed to the sounds of Hebrew, including through song, that when they begin to decode Hebrew they are already familiar with the sounds of the Hebrew language. Students therefore begin their connection to Hebrew as a modern, living, language.

K-6 grade students also experience monthly lessons in our art studio, with our resident artist Emily Stein, and twice-monthly music sessions with songleader Max Kasler. We are excited to add these enrichments to our curriculum this year!

Grade 7

7th grade curriculum will focus on building a strong Jewish identity during this formative year, exploring Jewish ethics. Students will be presented with ethical dilemmas that they might face in their everyday lives and study and react to various Jewish responses. They will participate in a curriculum that focuses on what it all means to them – prayer, God, values, and other important formative concepts and how they can incorporate these concepts into their Jewish identity. Seventh graders also strengthen their Hebrew and t’filah skills.

Grade 8

After a student becomes a bar/bat mitzvah, 8th grade students will:

  • Focus on Jews who are doing good deeds in the world Jews in our community, our state, our country, and around the planet who are making a difference through acts of Tikkun Olam.
  • Explore the impact of these individuals and their commitment to doing good which will culminate in a project that represents their contribution to society.
  • Finish the first semester with a strong sense of Jewish pride and positive examples of how the Jewish ethical heritage continues to inspire our people to mend the world.
  • Conduct in-depth study of the Holocaust. An exploration of the events leading up to the Holocaust will shed light for our students about what it means to be upstanders in their communities rather than bystanders. The lessons of spiritual and physical resistance during this dark time will provide examples of how a strong will and dedication to one’s faith and religion can provide important lessons in shaping a young person’s identity.
  • Conclude their studies with a trip to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC.

Grade 9

9th graders will spend their first semester learning, studying, and participating in a Comparative Judaism experience. Students will complete this course having:

  • An understanding that there is an ideological background to each movement, and a sense of the response of each movement to major topics of importance such as God, Torah, and Israel
  • Engaged in conversation about how INFORMED CHOICE is at the core of being a Reform Jew
  • Explored the place of Israel in their lives and begin to develop a more adult approach to the concept of a Jewish homeland
  • Engaged in conversation about Modern Israel and explore what Israel faces in the media. Our goal is that our students can develop skills to become critical consumers of media. Students will be able to make personal connections to Israeli students of similar age through technology.

Grade 10

Our 10th grade Confirmation class students have the option of participating in Shalshelet, the community high school program held on Monday evenings 2 times per month. Each class is free-standing, addressing important Jewish subjects and concepts. The 10th graders will be able to connect to their greater Jewish community and other Jewish teenagers through their participation in this program. The second part will consist of important conversations with the Rabbi about what it means to be a Jews in the modern world. The third part will be an individual project/portfolio to be presented in order to complete the Confirmation experience. The project will be individually initiated based on a subject that is importance to the Confirmed and developed in partnership with the Director of Education.

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