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COVID Safety Guidelines

Congregation Keneseth Israel 2021 (5782) High Holy Day Options

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Dear Fellow Congregants,

KI’s Board of Trustees, clergy, professionals, and I wish you a rewarding 5782, and all the reflection, renewal, and connection that you hope for during the High Holy Days!

Once again, our High Holy Days are impacted by COVID.  But achieving their purposes is in our hands if we focus on the right things.  We are committed to you getting a rich High Holy Day experience!

Health and Safety come first.  That is a Jewish principle  and a KI principle! 

The Health and Safety Committee, COVID/HHD Committee, and Board of Trustees have worked with integrity and process to seek the right solution for KI.  Your responses to our questionnaire were immensely helpful.  Thank you!                                                                                                               

The COVID Policy that we adopted at our August 18th board meeting is on our website.  Below are important factors for choosing how you observe the High Holy Days.  Please contact me or the office if you have questions or input.

Our main in-person services will be Live Streamed.  We will provide technical support in advance.  We can ensure you have prayer books, if you let us know by September 1st (the sooner the better).

We are taking steps to prevent the spread of COVID, but no steps can guarantee safety.  The Delta variant is significantly more infectious than the original virus – and cases in our area have been steadily rising.  Therefore, we strongly recommend that:

1) Those at higher risk do not attend in-person services, including

  • Those that are not vaccinated (at least 2 weeks after J&J shot or 2nd shot of Moderna or Pfizer)
  • Those for whom the vaccine might be less effective (e.g., those who are immunocompromised or have other conditions that put them at risk.)

2) Those that do attend, carefully read the highlights below to ensure that they can & will comply

Highlights for those considering attending in-person:

  • You are not permitted to attend if you have any symptoms of illness, or have been exposed to someone with COVID within the last 2 weeks
  • You must wear a mask over your mouth and nose for the full time you are in the building (except while presenting from the bimah).  Please consider whether this will be comfortable enough for you.  It is essential to protecting each other.
  • There will be two seating sections:
    • Vaccinated only, with at least 2 empty seats between “households.” (Most seating)
      • This requires the shots as described above, no substitutes
    • Mixed: Parties that include unvaccinated people: At least 6 feet between “households.”
      • Please notify office by Sept. 1, so we can determine size of the seating section
  • We are very open to requests for special accommodations. Please call the office well in advance.

Our policy might change with local conditions – so please check the website or call closer to the HHDs.

Now – back to focusing on the HHDs.  They are a jewel of our Jewish heritage.  Our review of our past year, re-setting of our sights, meditation inspired by beautiful prayers and music, and sense of belonging and community are all within our grasp! 

We look forward to helping you experience them – whether in-person or online.

Mon, December 6 2021 2 Tevet 5782